Sunday, March 22, 2009

And so it Begins: My First Blog

After much debate and all of my pent up thoughts I have decided to create a family blog spot. Apparantley this is the new thing to do and let's face it I enjoy writing. So this weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday afternoon I had a landscaping guy out to the house to give us an estimate on our major water issue in the backyard. By major water issues; I mean when it rains we have about 3 feet of standing water and mudholes throughout the backyard. Considering we have 2 border collies that like to run wild we have to get this fixed. This price tag was something I am not looking forward to, but will have to get done.

Paige and I then decided to go to catch a movie....we were thinking comedy, but I somehow managed to talk her into Watchmen. Yes, hold your thoughts, but I am indeed a comic book NERD. I will admit that this was everything I expected visually, but enjoyed the graphic novel way more than on film.

So Saturday comes around, and Paige leaves for Oklahoma to partake in one of her siblings 50th Wedding Anniversaries. I know what you are thinking right now, which is I bet he went out on the town by himself and tore it up on a night where I have a free pass. Pfft....maybe 5 years ago. So instead of going to the races with my father as planned i just spent most of the evening in Garland with my beautiful Bella baby and Father. I got her to say Rock, make funny expressions, and even took her on a ride in my mom's wheelchair. Quite the Saturday night. D & H stopped by the house for a couple of adult beverages and after they left I partook in 4 solid hours of Playstation3 and wild punch flavored capri sun. Glorious.

So here it is Sunday, and I attempted to cook Trout which turned out not so good. Thank goodness I prepared a filet mignon, broccoli-rice, and grilled squash accompanied with a nice bottle of Chardonnay. As I catch up on my DVR and blog, I am thinking about calling it a night and watching Twilight. After all I have to see what all the rage is about. Anything dubbed as "the best romantic story since Titanic" cannot go unseen.



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  1. So...what did you think of Twilight? It's most definately NOT anywhere close to "the best romantic story since Titanic" WHATEVER!!! The movie sucks in comparison to the book!!
    WELCOME by the way!